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During September 2007, the British author Robin Hanbury-Tenison and his wife, Louella, will be riding Albanian horses from Thethi in the Shala Valley south through Albania to the Greek border at Gline.  They are doing this to gather material for a major book and film about Albania, which will help to promote a good image of the country and further tourism of the same kind.


They have their own backup vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser, and Albanian support crew and they will be camping each night.  They will, therefore, be self-sufficient, but they will be very grateful for advice and help along the way.  They have good maps, but local information about tracks away from main roads and suitable for horses will be very useful to them.


Mickey Grant, the American Director and Cameraman, who is making the film, will be traveling in the Landcruiser and recording their journey, as well as local sights.


Robin and Louella have ridden horses long distances many times before and written books about riding across France, along the Great Wall of China and across New Zealand and Spain.  This time, their route will take them through the Valbona gorge, past Kukёs, the Lura National Park, Librazhd, Voskopojё, Tepelene, and Girokastёr.


They would like to thank all the Albanians from whom they have already received so much hospitality and kindness.  They hope to repay it by telling the world what a wonderful place Albania is.


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